Sunday, March 22, 2015

So I couldn't sleep...

I'm nerdy enough that sometimes when I can't sleep I get D&D ideas and need to to get them down on paper. Or text file, whatever.

I've been wanting to do a stripped down, easy version of 4E for a while. Essentials is a good start, but those books are way too thick and disorganized for a beginner. And honestly, I like "beginner" versions of D&D.

Since this is my brainchild, I'm favoring Celtic-themed stuff. This means I can pull from Heroes of the Feywild liberally and reuse a lot of the Celtic campaign ideas I had way back when.

Anyway, here's the basics on ability scores and the Warpriest class at 1st level. It needs editing, this is the first draft.


There are three Ability Scores - Fortitude, Reflex, and Will.

Fortitude is physical strength and stamina. Your Fortitude bonus affects attack and damage with power weapons, your hit points and healing surges, and the Athletics and Endurance skills.

Reflex is agility, speed, and wits. Your Reflex bonus affects attack and damage with finesse weapons, Initiative, Armor Class in light armor, and the Acrobatics, Stealth, and Thievery skills.

Will is self-discipline, empathy, force of personality, and leadership. Your Will bonus affects most magic abilities, and the Heal, Insight, Nature, Bluff, and Streetwise skills. 

You start with a +3 bonus in one ability score, a +1 in another ability score, and +0 in the last.


1st level
Hit points 24 + [Fort bonus x2] 
Ability Scores: +1 Fortitude, +1 Will
Healing Surges: 7 + [Fort bonus]
Armor: Can use heavy armor with a +5 bonus
Healing Word (2/Encounter, R 25, You or an ally spends a healing surge and heals +1d6 additional hit points, plus bonus from Pantheon)
Smite (Encounter, R melee, When you hit an enemy and they are opposed to your gods, does:  +[1W] damage, push 25 feet, immobilized for one turn.)
Pick one Level One Prayer 
Pick a Pantheon - Aesir or Tuatha de Danaan. The Aesir are the norse gods, eager for battle. Their champion is Thor and most of their prayers invoke thunder and lightning. The Tuatha de Danaan are the celtic gods, glorious and crafty. Their champion is Lugh and most of their prayers invoke sunlight and protection. Your choice of pantheon determines your at-will prayers, some attack and utility prayers, and a bonus to your Healing Word.

Aesir Warpriest

Resist 5 lightning and thunder.
When you use the prayer Healing Word, the target gets +2 damage on one attack next round.
Blessing of Wrath (At-Will, Melee attack, The next ally to hit the target next round does +2 damage)
Storm Hammer (At-Will, Melee attack, Attack vs Fortitude, damage is thunder and lightning)
Create Water (Encounter, R Touch, Empty container fills with up to one gallon of water)
Thundering Steel (Encounter, Melee attack, +[1W] damage, next ally to hit target does +3 thunder damage)

Tuatha de Danaan Warpriest

Call of Life: You and allies within 25’ get +2 on death saving throws.
When you use the prayer Healing Word, you or an ally regains +2 hit points.
Blessing of Battle (At-Will, Melee attack, You or an ally within 25’ gets Resist 2 all damage for one turn, or can make a saving throw against an ongoing affect)
Sun’s Glow (At-Will, R Touch, Object shines like a torch until you end the effect or use the prayer on a different object)

Sun Burst (Encounter, Melee attack, Radiant damage, you and allies within 25’ gain 5 temporary hit points can make a saving throw)

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