Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What's up?

I've been doing lots of thinking about gaming lately, but not much actual gaming.

I did run an old-school inspired one-shot for the Underdark beer release party, that went well. I was able to fit almost everything you needed to know for 4 classes and several races on a one-sided character sheet. I'll share that soon.

I'm playing in a Pathfinder one-shot coming up this weekend. I like some of the Pathfinder changes from 3E, but there's also just so many damn fiddly-bits. Its nice that my necromancer can frighten people a few times a day by touch, but how often is that going to come up? Its cool flavor, but with a lot of extra rules around it. After the streamlined abilities of 4E and the hand-waving of Dungeon World, it just grates on me a little. I'm sure I'll still have fun playing Maximus the Black, seventh son of a seventh son.

Eventually I'll get my Eberron version of Qelong game going. More about that later.