Tuesday, September 17, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge: I suck (4-17)

I picked a bad month to try and do a blog challenge. I took the second week of September off for vacation. The week before that was doing two weeks worth of work at my job, and my wife's birthday. So I've been less productive than I had hoped. Here's trying to catch up.

Day 5-Your favorite set of dice/individual die

This giant d20 is pretty awesome. I jokingly refer to it as my "Killer DM" die. Actually, I'm a fan of letting the players roll as much as possible so I don't use it much.

Day 6-Favorite Diety

Can't say I have one. I'm honestly not a fan of D&D pantheons, they're too neat. I like real world mythologies with all kinds of contradictions and weirdness. So I guess I'd say the Morrigan from Irish myth. The goddess of war and crows became the patron of the party in the Celtic campaign I ran.

Day 7-Favorite Edition

Third Edition revitalized gaming, brought me back to D&D, and helped me convert my friends. That being said, I'll play any edition, or any game for that matter. Right now I'm really jazzed about Dungeon World.

Day 8-Favorite Character You Have Played

Eodrid. Shocking, I know. He was a high elf Wizard/Oracle of Pelor. I was going for the stereotypical lofty elf mage, it was a lot of fun. Really arrogant around humans. I used a variety of spells, because part of the fun of playing a wizard for me is using inventive ways of overcoming obstacles instead of just blasting things. I also had a custom spell, Prismatic Arrow, that randomly affected the target with different spell effects. One time I Confused the high-level wizard nemesis who had repeatedly attacked the city and we finally beat him.

Day 9-Favorite Character You Haven’t Played

One I keep going back to is a rogue with high strength who uses knives and brute force as much as stealth. In other words, Riddick.

Day 10-Craziest thing that’s happened that you saw (to party/character/your players etc)

Oh gods…
I had an Eberron campaign run off the rails in the funnest way possible. Deck of Many Things-->souls trapped on other planes-->Plane of Chaos-->warforged takes malleable chaos goo, rubs it on his crotch, and zaps it with the rod of wonder (because how else can a warforged have a child?)-->roll on intelligent magic items chart for inspiration-->warforged now has a Lawful Good crotch that can Detect Thoughts (so it instantly knows how messed up the bastards its with are)-->Plane of Life-->party slaughters the lantern archons (angels) guarding the tree of life imprisoning a PCs soul-->the warforged's crotch-baby springs to life Pinocchio style and begs the remaining angels to save him from these awful people-->the warforged swears vengeance on all angels-->I can't continue the game anymore.

Day 11-Favorite Adventure You Have Ran

Castle Ravenloft. So intense and creepy, but still full of D&D craziness. Like Strahd dominating the druid to attack the dwarf fighter, and the dwarf winning a grappling check against a wildshaped rhino.
Day 12-Favorite Dungeon Type/Location

Haunted castles are fun. You can throw in all sorts of weirdness and the players don't question it, because its haunted. They'll question anything else, but say its ghosts and all the gloves are off, apparently.

Day 13-Favorite Trap/Puzzle

Kind of a trap: there was a Ravenloft adventure where Azalin put everyone's minds in the bodies of guests at Strahd's wedding in the past. So everyone was 0-level nobodies trying to find clues real fast before being slaughtered.

Day 14-Favorite NPC

I suck at roleplaying. I love DMing but I suck at voices, at speaking in character, etc. But one time we played a Gamma World game where the villain was a giant with mind-control powers. 

Yes, Andre the giant was making people Obey him. I thought it was funny, but apparently everyone else thought the funniest thing was my Andre the Giant voice. Trying to do a baritone French accent came out more like drunk Arnold Schwarzenneger mixed with Sean Connery.
Day 15-Favorite Monster (Undead)

Vampires. My first monster love. 

Day 16-Favorite Monster (Abberation)

Beholders. Come on, they're awesome. Crazy floating head with 10 magic eyes? Its sooooo D&D.

Day 17-Favorite Monster (Animal/Vermin)

Wolves are a good go-to. Occasionally dinosaurs. PCs should always have a good tyrannosaur fight story to tell their grandchildren.

..and I'm caught up for now. 

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