Thursday, August 1, 2013

Things have happened.

I've been gaming a fair amount, just not blogging. So here's stuff:

Deadlands: Weird West rpg run by Tobias. I'm a big scarred bounty hunter with a whip and a mysterious past. So far I've entangled a werewolf and punched him in the face, and fought a Wendigo with a steampunk mech suit. Loooove the setting. Wish combat was a little faster.

Star Wars X-Wing miniatures: Tabletop minis. I've been Boba Fett in Slave I twice, complete annihilation once and victory the second. Lots of fun, good mix of strategy and luck of the dice.

Celtic D&D: Since I'm always working on homebrew ideas, I threw together four celtic themed classes (warrior, druid, bard, changeling) and ran through the Cairn of the Winter King for a one-shot. Biggest lesson--its hard to play D&D at a brew-pub without it getting silly.

Lands of Mystery: Just started a small Pathfinder game using the map I wanted to try as the setting. I'll post more about it soon. Full of roleplaying opportunity, just trying to push some "old-school" feel on a mostly "new-school" group.