Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hero Quest house rules

Played Hero Quest for the first time in years recently. It holds up well. It wasn't boring, but it also didn't require constant attention like most RPGs, so it was good for board game night.

Got me thinking about a few house rules (because that's how I roll):

--If you search for treasure in a room with the fireplace, tomb, or wizard’s desk, draw two treasure cards and pick one. The other is shuffled back into the deck. 
--The fire spells are resisted by a white die, only a black skull reduces damage. (This makes the fire spells about 50% more effective, which seems needed)
 Some hero-specific rules. I’m thinking a hero has to survive one Quest before they can use these special abilities. That creates a penalty for dying that doesn’t currently exist.
--The Wizard can trade one spell card not used for one spell card that has been used, once per quest.
--If the Dwarf rolls at least two white shields on defense, it does a one damage to the attacker (which can immediately be defended against as normal).
--The Elf can move through enemy squares on its move, as long as it ends its move in an empty square.
--The Barbarian can attack two adjacent targets by splitting his attack dice between them.

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