Monday, March 25, 2013

Game Ideas

I've got a ton of ideas for campaigns to run:

Castle Ravenloft

A one-shot game, at night, with candles and creepy music. Simple narrative rules (stripped down version of Dungeon World). You can be a Knight, a Vagabond, a Priest, or a Witch. You start with a gypsy fortune card reading, then enter Castle Ravenloft to hunt down Count Strahd von Zarovich.

Inglorious Rebel Scum

I have the Stormtrooper helmet & crossbones jacket, and I thought, what if that was a trophy of the Rebels in Star Wars? You’re part of a special forces team, all with a personal grudge against the Empire, behind enemy lines taking out high-ranking Emperial targets. Star Wars Saga edition rules.

Ar ais chun an Teampall de Eiliminteach Olc
Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil with a Celtic twist. Fight the mysterious cults of air, fire, stone and water who are all trying to summon the ancient demon Crom Cruach. Stripped-down D&D with berserkers, shield maidens, druids, bards, and witches.

Explore fantasy Mars. Play a Earthling with super strength in low-gravity, a Red Martian with advanced light technology, a wild 4-armed Green Martian, or a mysterious Thern with 9th Beam powers. Every party gets a bonus 8-legged dog-thing for free.

Age of Bronze and Blood
The Egyptian d20 article actually got me thinking about an Egyptian campaign, then I remembered I have a setting/campaign book for ancient Mesopotamia. Everyone is a champion of a specific god and gets appropriate magic powers. Search for the lost riches of Ibnath, the city of a thousand gods.

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