Monday, January 14, 2013

...of Mars

Watched John Carter. Liked it a lot, it didn’t deserve all the hate it got (it also deserved a better marketing campaign). While I’m curious about the books now, I have some quick ideas for a Barsoom-esque D&D game.

Humans are Fighters. Great strength and jumping ability because of Barsoom’s low gravity. Humans would be extremely rare, and would all be exceptional (no “I’m just an everyday guy”).

Red men are Clerics. They are decent warriors, and their technology is often light-based and helpful. An altered “spell list” would work.

Tharks are Rangers. Four arms accommodates two-weapon fighting and they make frequent use of primitive firearms (in place of archery).

Therns are Wizards. Mysterious figures who manipulate events, and seem to have amazing powers (probably advanced technology, based on the 9th Beam).

No armor, so each class would get some type of defense bonus. High for Humans, medium for Reds and Tharks, and low for Therns.

I want to do something with the dog-creatures (Calots), but not sure how to do it.