Monday, December 10, 2012

Albion Classes

The short version:

+2 hit points
If you roll a natural 1 on a damage roll you get a bonus depending on the weapon. 
You take less penalties when wearing heavy armor.
Berserker (Beadurofa)
Enter a rage to do +2 damage, but take -2 penalty to Armor Class. Entering a rage is an action, and lasts until the end of a fight. It takes a short rest to recover from a rage, until that time you are weakened.
Knight (Scildgebrodra / Scildmaegden)
Shield Wall: +2 bonus to AC
Wall of Iron: gain damage resistance 1 (in addition to any armor worn)

Sneak Attack: +1d6 damage on attacks if you have advantage. (stealth and bluffing are useful for gaining advantage)
Skilled: Has advantage on checks for stealth, picking locks, disarming traps, acrobatics and bluffing.
Skirmisher: You can take an action in the middle of your move (allowing you to move, attack, and move away, for example). You can also move through an enemy's space. 

You can cast one spell per day at first level. You know 3 spells.
Scinnleaeca (Shining One)  
Call of the Otherworld: call a phantom 
--advantage to checks to learn spells associated with phantoms and otherworldly forces.
Wicce (Wtich)
Familiar: Witches learn from an Otherworldly creature in the form of a small animal (something associated with night or death--crow, rat, black cat, owl, lizard, toad or snake). This creature is linked to you (up to 100 feet away). You can see through its eyes (as an action, during which you are blind), and you can cast a spell as if it came from your familiar. If its animal form is destroyed, it returns at nightfall.
--advantage on checks to learn spells associated with potions, curses, and scrying.
Druids learn through years of studying the earth and sky. You can identify natural plants and animals, tell whether water is safe to drink, and foretell weather to some degree. You can talk to animals, though whether they talk back (or even care) is up to them.
--advantage on checks to learn spells associated with glamour, wilderness, and shapeshifting.