Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Albion, session one

Crimona the druidess, Fea the Shieldmaiden, and Hürg Thürgen the berserker travelled to the ruined ringfort of Haleford. There they slew a dragon, as well as followers of the Drunes and hobgoblins from the Otherworld. It seems that someone is digging up secrets of Crom Cruach.

The Firedraca of Haleford
hit points 17, Armor Class 8, damage reduction 2, +3 bite 1d6, Fire Breath 2d6 (Dexterity check 13 for half damage)

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  1. If the Codex Celtarum is ideal for your campaigns, then the upcoming German and Viking codices will be a perfect fit. I have about three new character classes for each: Dragonslayer, Runemaster (Erilaz), Haliruna (witch), Seithr/Volva, Giant Killer and Berserker.

    The Slavic Codex I am working on now will have three more at least!