Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Celtic Game: Tribes

PCs have to be human, but there are several different tribes to choose from. Most are directly inspired by (stolen from) the Slaine comic, although the Picts are lifted from Robert E. Howard's stories (check out Bran Mak Morn).  Its ok for players to be from different tribes because it was common to foster children with a different tribe--much like medieval lords.  In the campaign I ran, two players were Sessair and two were without a tribe, and when a fifth player joined later he was from Midgard. 

There are four main tribes of the earth goddess, and some smaller groups closely related.
Sessair—The Tribe that Stands Up.  This tribe takes the Celtic warrior ideal to the extreme.  They fight with no armor, and are known to take wounds just to prove how tough they are.  Their tempers are just as renowned as their honor and hospitality.  
Finians—The Tribe that Endures.  While they fight as well as any, this tribe’s true strength lies in defense.  Known for their uncaring acceptance of hardship and hunger, they have a reputation of being serious and depressing.  Their rocky homeland provides ideal fortress walls, but precious little food.  Hope you like oats and turnips.
Falians—The Tribe of Shadows.  They paint their bodies black and prefer to fight at night.  Some say they are cursed, perhaps haunted by their own ill deeds.  Certainly they are prone to moon-madness (lunacy) and avoid the sun more than they should.
Fir Domain—The Tribe of the Growling Shields.  They fight with more discipline than other tribes, using battle roars to terrify enemies and marching slowly and menacingly into battle rather than charging.  This military training comes from being surrounded on all sides by enemies.
Fir Bolg—Primitive cousins of the Fir Domain, they use crude weapons and worship the Horned God, Carnun, above all others.  Their wild hunts have been known to take down both dangerous beasts and unlucky men caught in their path.
Picts—A small, dark-skinned race far older than even the Celts, they carry an ancient racial hatred of the Celts’ ancestors.  Once a great people, now they have degenerated to savages, haunting the dark corners of the world.  Any trespassers are unlikely to see them before being brought down by a silent arrow or dark blade.

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